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About Aiden Smith

Aiden is a 5-1/2 year old boy who was born at 28.4 weeks along with his twin sister Elise who was stillborn. Aiden spent his first 4 months at St. John Hospital NICU before he was transferred to CS Mott Children's hospital to transition to come home. He was hospitalized for 212 days before he finally came home. Due to the prematurity Aiden has Cerebral Palsy, Intractable Epilepsy, Cortical Blindness, Hydrocephalus with VP shunt Placement, PVL, Global Developmental delays, G-tube, Tracheotomy, BPD. He has made great strides with his development but requires help for everything. He cannot sit on his own or crawl or walk as of this time but we are working towards that.

Freedom Concepts Rocker Chill Out Chair

More options for seating as he is outgrowing the chairs we have for him

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