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About Alvin Martin

Alvin is a sweet little boy. He currently lives with his father. Alvin does have a twin and three other siblings that live with their mother. At 7 months gestation, Alvin was diagnosed with a renal disorder. Two procedures were performed in utero to drain fluid from the kidney. He was born full tern but remained in the hospital for three months following his birth. Alvin was diagnosed with kidney disease, metabolic disorders, torticollis and GERD. He received a kidney transplant on August 10, 2015. He is on numerous medications which is administered through his feeding tube. Alvin is currently given liquids through a syringe, straw or open cup if held by an adult. Alvin started pureed foods fall of 2016. He can eat small of pureed texture foods when fed by an adult. He does not chew any foods. He is currently receiving his nutrition through a G-tube. He receives these feeding throughout his day with exception to attending school for two and one half hours daily.
Alvin does receive Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy at school and in the medical field.
Alvin spent the first three years of his life at home and in the hospitals.
Parents struggle finding support to free up time for work. It has been difficult to keep a job due to the time spent traveling and caring for Alvin.
His parents find it difficult to make ends meet. Buying diapers and essentials are difficult.
Alvin's parents spend their time searching for resources to help Alvin. He has overcome so many hurdles and there are still more to come.


Right now Alvin and I stay in a small 1 bedroom apartment and if we could get a little help on a 2 b

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We could use help with gas to get to and from doctor appointments, school, etc.

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Our budget is strained with all the extra expenses like diapers. Any assistance would be appreciate

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