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About Travis Rhein

Travis is an amazing little boy with a curious nature, a love of the alphabet and a smile/giggle that can make anyones day. Travis was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder at 1 1/2 years of age. He wasn't quite like other children in that he would not give eye contact, respond to his name, developed food aversions and demonstrated stimming behavior (waving hands in front of eyes or dropping sand in front of face when excited). Since his diagnosis, Travis began receiving Occupational as well as Speech therapy at Building Bridges in Plymouth, was enrolled into the, "Early on" program in the Plymouth Canton Schools and was signed onto a 2 year waiting list for ABA therapy. Since then, Travis has shown strides with communication, but still struggles with transitioning to activities that are not preferable to him (behaving more like a 2 y/o socially). Over the past few weeks, Building Bridges has an opening for Travis to start ABA therapy and they are recommending therapy 5 x/week at $150.00/day. This ABA therapy along with pre-school, OT and Speech will greatly improve Travis' world. We are appreciative of your consideration and generosity. God bless.

ABA Therapy Assistance, Building Bridges, Plymouth, MI

To help us help Travis to receive all the help we can can possibly get him, thank you.

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