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About Kaitlyn Golicz

Kaitlyn is a 9 year old fourth grader with epilepsy. Kaitlyn has been an epileptic nearly all her life with her first generalized seizure at 9 months of age. While medication has controlled her tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal) for just over three years now, we haven’t been able to find the medication mixture to regulate her absence seizures (petit mal). These absence seizures take the form of staring spells, memory lapses, and black outs. In spite of the seizures and the medication side effects Kaitlyn works very hard to have a pretty straight forward life. She works hard at school (with the help of a wonderful paraprofessional), swims on the local swim team, and sings with the school choir. However, there are number of activities that Kaitlyn cannot do without special supervision. One of these is riding a horse. The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan hosts a special summer camp for children with epilepsy. This camp not only expands their world in ways that are normally outside their reach, but also shows them they are not alone. One of activities is horseback riding. We would like to send Kaitlyn to this camp to give her that dream of riding a horse, but also to let her experience a summer camp in a way that is safe for her. We greatly appreciate any help you can give.

Epilepsy Summer Camp

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