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About Kevin ORourke

Kevin is 14 years old and is diagnosed with epilepsy, ADHD, and Autism spectrum disorder. Kevin started having seizures at 18 months of age. The seizures progressively got worse, to the point of having hundreds of seizures a month. Due to the types and dosages of medications that Kevin was on, there was a great loss of motor skills, memory, and language. After help from some wonderful doctors, Kevin is now medically controlled, and only has absence seizures! Kevin is a fantastic kid, who is bright and wants to go on to college and teach history. History (especially WWII) is his passion! Although with his memory issues, doing many daily chores are a challenge, as well as his lack of the ability to physically write. His brain, as doctors at the Cleveland clinic have said, is amazing and he shouldn't even be doing as well as he is now. Retrieving information from his brain can be difficult for teachers, which makes testing him hard. He is looking forward to high school and playing in the marching band.

Medic Alert Watch

It will show his medical needs and help him to blend in with other students

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