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About Brandon DeFelice

Brandon’s Lyme disease journey began shortly after graduating from Cousino high school in June of 2011. After attending a graduation celebration at a local metro park, Brandon discovered a tick in his left ear. In October of 2011 he began feeling very fatigued. His symptoms progressed to a facial droop on his right side, severe heart palpitations, anxiety, and numbness throughout his left side. He went from being a very active and hard working person who loved to play basketball and golf, to a person who could hardly get out of bed. All his dreams of working and attending college came to a halt.

After consulting with several different doctors who consisted of cardiologists, neurologists, infectious disease, and even holistic doctors along with several hospital stays they could not find anything wrong. He finally went to see a Lyme disease specialist who confirmed he had Lyme and several other tick born viruses. By this time his symptoms progressed to neurological difficulties, stomach problems, and continuous heart issues. He immediately started a regiment of several different medications including heavy doses of antibiotics. Despite the treatment he was receiving, his symptoms remained the same and some have even gotten worse.

Every day for Brandon is an unknown day as his symptoms change from day to day. After researching several Lyme clinics throughout the country, we found a clinic in Florida that has a very high success rate in treating and curing Chronic Lyme disease. Unfortunately, they do not accept insurance (most Lyme doctors don’t) and the cost for this six week outpatient treatment program is $3000.00 a week. This does not include the cost of housing, food and gas. Brandon began his treatment on July 1, 2013 and our goal is to raise as much money as we can to help him begin his journey back to living a happy and healthy life. I have attached a link to the clinic he will be attending. We are grateful for any help he may receive.

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